by Contest Manager

These are received logs. We also sent an email confirmation to your email, but some mail server reject our email (such @hotmail @live and @outlook email), so if you dont receive an email confirmation but your callsign is in the table below, that means your log has been sent well to us. If you have seen an error, feel free to re-send your log, dont worry about duplicate callsign in the list, we use your last sent logs as the valid logs

Your CallsignVE5KS
CategorySingle OP All Band
Grid LocatorDO60

Please note that there were 2 contacts that I was unable to put into the log, I do no want the other stations to be penalized for it.
They are
IK2SBB @ 00:06:00 08:06:2022 14090.750 JN45
SP2BUC @ 00:07:00 08:06:2022 14090.75 JO94

Thank you