by Contest Manager

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Your CallsignW8GJK
CategorySingle OP All Band
Grid LocatorCM95

Had a lot of fun ending up in this contest, which was not on my calendar and
took me by surprise on Friday morning. played for a bit Friday into the
evening, and Saturday I got N1MM set up for it and transferred my log from
WSJT-X into N1MM. At this point I started working regular non-contest stations
on the normal FT8 watering holes into the night. 20 and 15 were open past
midnight, and I was able to work lots of Asian stations. This was also the
first contest I have had both a directional HF antenna as well as a linear, so
was able to really notice the difference and able to keep my rate up as
conditions varied. Unfortunately, the page had the
contest listed as 24 instead of 48 hours, so real time tracking fell off by
about half at that point, with many stations apparently not pointed to the
contest score distributor that covers as well.

Contest: BAT_FT8_DX
Band Mode QSOs Pts WPX DXC Pt/Q
7 FT8 19 14 18 9 0.7
14 FT8 238 249 169 46 1.0
21 FT8 128 178 91 27 1.4
28 FT8 12 11 11 5 0.9
Total Both 397 452 289 87 1.1
Score: 169,952
1 Mult = 1.1 Q's